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Islamic extremists demand Sharia states in UK; a little perspective here.

Firstly, it’s a tiny organisation called ‘Muslims against crusades’ that are making any noise about this. Don’t get the impression that the UK Muslim population has risen up en masse demanding it. The Daily mail article here…

Dewsbury, Bradford and Tower Hamlets … where Islamic extremists want to establish independent states with sharia law

Islamic extremists have called on British Muslims to establish three independent states within the UK. The notorious Muslims Against the Crusades (MAC) group have named Yorkshire towns Bradford and Dewsbury and Tower Hamlets in East London as testbeds for blanket sharia rule. The medieval ’emirates’ would operate entirely outside British law, according to a document on the MAC website.

Lets start with a little clarity on what British Muslims want. About 60% of them when polled in 2006 said, no Sharia. This percentage was a lot higher in the older Muslims, who presumably had actually had experience of Sharia before the came to the UK (83%).

So they are not in any danger of getting their own way through mass Muslim support. The real danger is that groups of the young men will decide to go out and start enforcing Sharia in their area, as has been happening in Tower Hamlets in the past few years. Hate crimes against gays, non-Muslims and Muslim women who don’t cover up are getting to be all too frequent. And they aren’t being put on the news, in an effort to downplay the problems. If we aren’t careful we are going to end up with Muslim no-go areas as has happened in France. This is a case for a police crackdown, not media panic mongering.


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Islamic homophobia in Tower Hamlets- what we aren’t seeing on TV.

Let’s face it most British people only know what’s going on by what they read in the Sun and the news programs wrapped around their soaps. If it’s not on these then they aren’t going to hear about it. This is why the internet has become a vital service, publicising the cases that the mainstream media keep off our radar.

In reading through several posts on news sites, it’s become apparent that multiple individuals are posting incorrect information (or lying) claiming that it was NOT a Muslim that posted the ‘Gay free zone’ posters over Tower Hamlets. Well, it was. he was caught on CCTV and convicted for it. Bang to rights. He was  18-year-old Mohammed Hasnath (article here). Now that has been addressed:

We never heard a peep about two nasty homophobic incidents in Tower Hamlets. the first, the stabbing of  young  man, Oliver Hemsley, who was stabbed eight times in the torso (article here)after leaving a well known gay bar the George and Dragon, which received very little attention. This man is paralysed for life. He was attacked by a gang (although only one person was convicted). When this young man, Nazrul Islam was convicted, it was followed by an attack on the George and Dragon by a gang of Muslims who dragged the man out and beat them. Again, resounding silence (article here).

 ‘I was pouring a drink, then I turned round and there were 30 kids pouring into the pub. They began hitting everyone,’ says Richard Battye, manager of the pub, talking to Time Out about the incident. Although no one was hospitalised, the pub’s doorman was badly beaten.

It’s not that these crimes are being committed, it’s that nothing is being done about it. The police need to man up, grow a pair of balls between them and drag the offenders in and if necessary have the army on stand by to deal with rioting that would probably ensue at their temerity.


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Ten men arrested in Manchester/Salford for child sex trafficking- what we aren’t seeing on the media.

It was all over the news about the arrests, ten men arrested for plying underage girls with free food, drink, and then drugs so they and their mates could pimp them around. The men have been charged and now bailed but… No names in the media. Not one. Which is very unusual. And the reason is…  they are (yet again) Muslims (hence no published names, it would be sodding obvious since half of them would be called Mohammed). The mass silence over this in the media smacks of an enforced cover-up. However the Sun (which is barely more than a comic but at least has balls) decided to unsubtly mention the problem of Muslim men using non Muslim girls in the UK like meat in the same article, so people could figure it out. See below.

TEN men were arrested on suspicion of running a child sex trafficking ring after a series of dramatic dawn raids.

The suspects – aged 18 to 28 – are accused of exploiting teenage girls for sex parties.

It is believed the youngsters – as young as 14 – were given booze and drugs. Some 39 girls are currently involved in the investigation but cops are concentrating on a core group of six.


Half of all the girls were living in care and their ordeals first came to light after victims confided in their carers.

The arrests across Manchester and Salford followed a three-month investigation by more than 100 police.

The swoop this morning came after two men were jailed for a total of 19 years in January for targeting underage girls.

Abid Saddique, 27, and Mohammed Liaqat, 28, toured Derby looking for vulnerable young girls.

At the time, former Home Secretary Jack Straw sparked a fierce political row when he said some Pakistani men in Britain see white girls as “easy meat”.

And last year a private schoolgirl from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, was rescued after a gang of Asian men forced her to act as a sex slave.

While the Sun doesn’t overtly say the men were Pakistani/ Muslim, some enterprising writer has tried to get around whatever restrictions have been put upon them (they did the same thing when a rape victim refused to publicly identify her attacker: they posted a picture of him interviewing her as a clue). Which makes me wonder, has someone slapped a court order or injunction on this? If so, and I suspect it is from the tone of the Sun item which is very cagey, why? It’s hardly news that Muslim men in the UK and all over Europe behave like this. People have a right to know.

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A warning from a Coptic Bishop about Islamic demographics and behaviour

I’ve always maintained that Westerners should make a point of asking the Christians from places like Egypt and Pakistan what Islam is REALLY like. Here is one talking about the reality of Islam, and how they behave differently when they are in the m,ajority. Essentially its a warning about Muslim demographics in the West.

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And so, Muslim terror threats against the royal wedding.

How predictable.There’s really not a lot more you can say on the subject. The poppy burning anuses from ‘Muslims Against Crusades’ have said that the royal wedding was a legitimate target. God help them if someone does decides to try something; SO15 will be all over them.

Muslim group claims royal wedding is legitimate terror target

The royal wedding is a “legitimate target” for a terrorist attack because of Britain’s foreign policy and the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, a radical Islamic group has claimed.


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