Islamic homophobia in Tower Hamlets- what we aren’t seeing on TV.

Let’s face it most British people only know what’s going on by what they read in the Sun and the news programs wrapped around their soaps. If it’s not on these then they aren’t going to hear about it. This is why the internet has become a vital service, publicising the cases that the mainstream media keep off our radar.

In reading through several posts on news sites, it’s become apparent that multiple individuals are posting incorrect information (or lying) claiming that it was NOT a Muslim that posted the ‘Gay free zone’ posters over Tower Hamlets. Well, it was. he was caught on CCTV and convicted for it. Bang to rights. He was  18-year-old Mohammed Hasnath (article here). Now that has been addressed:

We never heard a peep about two nasty homophobic incidents in Tower Hamlets. the first, the stabbing of  young  man, Oliver Hemsley, who was stabbed eight times in the torso (article here)after leaving a well known gay bar the George and Dragon, which received very little attention. This man is paralysed for life. He was attacked by a gang (although only one person was convicted). When this young man, Nazrul Islam was convicted, it was followed by an attack on the George and Dragon by a gang of Muslims who dragged the man out and beat them. Again, resounding silence (article here).

 ‘I was pouring a drink, then I turned round and there were 30 kids pouring into the pub. They began hitting everyone,’ says Richard Battye, manager of the pub, talking to Time Out about the incident. Although no one was hospitalised, the pub’s doorman was badly beaten.

It’s not that these crimes are being committed, it’s that nothing is being done about it. The police need to man up, grow a pair of balls between them and drag the offenders in and if necessary have the army on stand by to deal with rioting that would probably ensue at their temerity.



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